Thursday, 16 July 2009

In India

Wowww, feels so good being in India, but we both missing P badly...Its Ayush's first trip to India and he is doing good here in this hottt and humid weather....B ut yes so many things here he keeps looking surprisedly, like fan, noises, so many people at the same time:))))
The very few days, he kept looking for his dad, even his voice and his name makes him restless, its so srprising that this little baby knows everything:)))) but no worries our joy and happiness will be complete with his dad and then we can enjoy more nad more:))))

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Busy Week

Phew! so many things to do and all at the same time. What an intense days. Me and Ayush going to India in few days, P is moving to another flat, packing, winding up things, vacating the flat; feels time is flying and days get shorter, things remain pending for other day, huuuu..

Saturday, 27 June 2009

First Father's Day

my first father's day
lovely gift for dad

Its a father's day!!!!!!!
On the way back we from Coventry to London, we went to Oxford and it was ASK restaurant, they were doing a great deal on this special day where Dad eats for free. It was absolutely lovely food, Dad had Mussells and Mum had Caesar salad, it was absolutely lovely food with lovely day:)) A gift from a son to dad!!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

First trip to: Coventry

all set to go

Well this was the first trip to Coventry with Ayush and absolutey wonderful and exciting trip. He was well behaved, he slept through the journey,hehehehe:)))

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


So many different stages comes in baby's life that things gets shifting. My dear boy,since last 2 days is refusing his foods and Piyush said lets try formula again, and miracle:)))))))) he took 5 ounces, we were so glad seeing him drinking his milk without any nagging... Hmm its the dad who is trying to make the mission possible,hehehehehe
I just hope that little darling should continue taking this formula:))))))))
Wish me luck,hahaha......

Monday, 15 June 2009

Lovely Day at Victoria Park

This time all mums and babies met on Saturday at victoia park and dads joined us as well. Full of sunshines, pleasant weather, lovely companies, and it was great to meet all dads together. We had little chit chat, light refreshments and most wonderful was all babies, busy playing, watching all babies. It was just so beautiful.
We had photo session, first round we took all dads with their babies and then mums with babies,it was funnnnnnnnnn... and then all dads got busy exchanging numbers, they were looking so funny concentrating in that not a single number should be missed,hehehehehe
Ahhhh it was relaxing and beautiful day.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Eight Months Development

Now he looks big, can't think that he is now eight months. He is big boy now:) The developments are again many, they develop so rapidly that just a blink of an eye, new change. He has started distinguishing between his foods and ours and he doesn't want his, all he wnats to grab from our plate,hehehehe, it feels so goos when your baby is dragging salad or something else from your plate, you don't want to take away from his hand...He is very talkative now a days, keeps babbling everytime. He sits, and he tries to crawl but my darling goes backward, he will lift his bums high and then pushes himself backwards. One day I was busy on internet and suddenly I found Ayush has gone under the sofa, I was laughing like anything:))))) Now a days I can't leave him alone on the bed, he rolls over frequently.
He has started eating what we eat but without spices,hmmm still not taking formula...he likes yougurt so am glad:))
Phewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! no teeth yet, though he is going through all those symptoms of teething, but still hasn't got any.....
There are so many changes now and it feels good thnat cannot be really expessed in words. Parents gets overwhelmed seeing their babies growing so quickly...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Now my litle boy is better, but he has become very cranky.His daily routine has changed so much.But atleast no temperature and he is taking his food BUT no formula.......

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Feeling Low

It was lunch at my place(post natal group) and Ayush was so crankyand restless that day that I could hrdly sit with them.Everybody were in my lounge enjoying the chit chat and lunch and I was carrying Ayush in my bedrom, sometimes kitchen and later in late evening he started cring like anything:(( He got high temperature and diarrohea, cheeks got pink, we both were feeling so bad and low seeing him in this miserable condition:((( Calpol was also not working much and his fever was just creeping up. He was not leaving me even for a minute and we were much worried beacuse he was not eating and drinking anything just my milk.
This is the time when parents feel so helpless.. This is the first time, he has got high fever in this 8 months. I just hope it should go soon........

Sunday, 31 May 2009

All Sunny

Its been soooo beautiful days from last few days, its so warm and bright, all sunny whole day till late evening. Its just perfect days:) We didn't miss any day to go out and enjoy the weather.Ayush has een enjoying a lot in the park specially sitting and lying on the mat under the tree, playing, blowing his saliva and swirling in the air, lol!!!!
Absolutely beautiful and pretty, loving it:))

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hottest day of the year

pub in Potters Bar

everybody busy talking , but my little boy posing for the photo
love this laughter

It was absolutely lovely and warm day, so we thought to enjoy this hottest day of the year and make the most of it; went for Pub Lunch in Potters Bar, place was wonderful with a small lake at the side of the pub and with ducks swimming around:)
Ayush enjoyed a lot, being fed chicken for the first time:)) We were having chicken chips, corn and salad, so he had litle bit of everything from mine and aunty's plate and yes he liked the juice as well, mango & apple and cranberry. 
Nowadays he plays a lot, keps jumping when somebody is holding him, flaps like a bird always; I like his flapping and at the same time he dribbles a lot.
After his meal and drinks, he played and had photo session, always ready for the pose, hehehehehe.
We had a nice time there.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Its Thursday, post natal group day!!!!This time we met at N's place and she cooked Turkish food with Yummy spinach cake..Yes it sounds bit unusual but it was really yum:) Ayush enjoyed the food and dessert too with me:))  Our group is an international, everybody is from different country,
Greece, Uk, Turkey and its really nice to know people from different cultures, and is good for babies as well, they don't remain confine to one culture, and I feel its get easy for babies to mingle with everybody and they learn to share their things too.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Seven Months Development

Just can't believe that my lilttle boy is now seven months:) ahhhhhh the developments are now many, he has grown and getting in tune with us now. He sit and play and mostly he wants to sit and stand now, doesn't want to lie frequently:))) Well his tooth hasn't come yet and still not taking bottle. 
He has become more and more wiggly, keeps flapping his hands always, infact he keeps moving every part of his body and sometimes it becomes hard to hold him properly. He enjoys standing up and bouncing up and down while I hold him, makes me feel as if he is a big boy now.And yes his babbling has increased, whole day he keeps saying something. He imitates sometimes what we do in front of him.
Yeyeye my little barbie watch CBEEBIES every morning, we love watching him secretly when he laughs seeing cartoon:))))
his is something very amazing that when there comes a break in the news, he likes and loves watching that break and song in the advertisement( and only the news), he gets so involves that he forgets that he was doing somthing, like either eating, crying, playing, I dont know what he finds in it. He literally turns back to see this,and this is when he is not wiggling and becomes still to watch it:))))
The most relaxing thing unlike before, now if we put him in the cot when he is sleeping, he doesnt wake up, we dont have to do hard work to put him, ahhhhhh so relaxing:)))
There are so many deveopments, and it gives so much of joy seeing al those activites and new behaviour. It just gives tremendous happiness seeing your baby grow. Each moment is full of smiles and laghter when they do funny activity. I find these moments very precious.
Like always we did celebrate his seven months:))))

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lunch with post natal group..

                                                 they are just so innocent and amzing:)

What a lovely day!!!! 
All girls from post natal group meet every thursday either in Cafe of park, but this time one girl from the group, invited us all at her place for lunc. It was wonderful to be there and we all enjoyed the food too:) We meet and share daily activites and lo more with baby.Everybody sharing baby's moments,hehee. In a way its nice and we get to know and shar own baby's development and find out what stage its happening and more importantly, it good for babies too, they get time to mingle with different babies:) 
This group is international as all of us are from different countries:))

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Day Out

We had whole day out today. Today it was rhyme class and after that me and my friend H decided to meet at her place.She made a nice and tasty soup, it was yummyyyy and we had it with crispy crunchy garlic bread. Ohh my dear son was so restless that he wasn't sitting anywhere, wasn't playing he had his lunch and everything. She quickly finished her lunch and hold him till the time I was done. 
I got my front hair cut, my friend did it for me and she did it nicely, well shaped,though she was scared of cutting,  searched a lot in Youtube and finally we got the way we wanted. She did it exactly:)))) I liked it and after a long time I got different front haircut. Ahhhhh atleast something differen, was quite bored of the same style daily:))) During all this work, Ayush was in his pram and enjoying a Rhyme song which H put on for him on her mobile, so he was well behaved that time.
With my new haircut I went to Iran too,hehehhehe through the photos. She showed me so many photos that I felt as if I was there:))) We were sipping nice hottt kettle tea and enjoying those photos and my dear lil baby was seemed amused by her desktop, everytime he kept trying to press the keyboard:)))))))))) Suddely, Piyush called and then we realised its about to 6 and then after sometime we left. Thanks to my friend for the wonderful day. 
Me and Ayush popped in Tesco, bought Pamper for him and some more shopping:)))))

Monday, 11 May 2009

Pub Lunch

Had a great weekend!!!! A drive to a countryside and a pub lunch in an open area with a bright and sunny day, was just perfecr weekend. We went to Enfield borrough to the King & Tinker pub and the food was just absolutely tasty. Ayush slept through the drive, he wake up when we reached there, was busy playing with his toys and pram strap. I took him inside the pub and all of a sudden dark place with too many people inside, he was bit startled:))  But he always enjoys his outing.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

It was a nice start of weekend, whole day quite busy and in the evening today for the first time after Ayush was born, me and my husband went for a walk for 10 minutes;just the two of us. It was aunty who was home with Ayush:)))) 
We went out for the dinner, oh yes with Ayush,he enjoyed his evening seeing so many people and with loud music, it was a wonderful evening:) On the way back he slept, and till now he is sleeping otherwise he usually wakes up in an hour...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Out and about with my friend H

It was a wonderful outing with my friend H after a long time. We enjoyed our time, went to the library and borrowed some books and Ayush was well behaved, though he was bit restless for few minutes 'coz he was hungry, but then he was fine, playing with his play tray and toy:)
Huuuhhh its been long I have read any novels, not getting time at all, Ayush keeps me busy all the time and whenever I get some time on my own I just take rest:))) So yea, today I borrowed novels and some books for Ayush:)))))))) I'll try and find some time to read those.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lunch at friend's...

We had a great time in Woodford. Ayush enjoyed a lot, was busy playing with a little boy there:)) It was so nice to watch them together playing, touching each other:)))) They were just so friendly and comfy. He enjoyed his lunch and tasted a bit of idli, liked it..
Ayush was so tired by the end of the day that he slept at stretch 2 hours. And whene he is outside he is in own world, he sleeps on bus and tube(feels cosy as if somebody is rocking him). We all had a wonderful time :)) 

Friday, 1 May 2009

Mommy's joy

Baby milestones are a source of so much of joy and always wondering what would be the next phase and it all come as a surprise:) Ayush keep babling everytime nad all of a sudden,he said mummum, I was so overwhelmed by hearing this word. Its the most precious word ever:)))) From last couple of days, he just keep babbling mumum. Sometimes I feel its the matter of yesterday when we brought home from hospital and see now he has started calling me. He keeps talking on his own with his fingers moving and I peep from other corner and see what else he is doing. It just gives me immense pleasure watching him like this. I love my little barbie:)))))))))))))))))))

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Funny Rhyme Time

what a funny rhyme class it was today :) Every tuesday a lady call Fiona take the class, but today she was in another library and a  guy was there, actually he was on-training. He was not prepared for the class and we were leading him:))) Anyway Ayush enjoyed the class, he was so noisy today:))

Monday, 27 April 2009

Busy Days

What a busy days!!!!!
Days are getting so busy with Ayush, he has started teething and at the same time is constipated as well; so gets cranky most of the time and wants to be on lap..I have been just running around with lots of work and am lucky that I get intense support from my husband:))) Whole day just flies like anything and when I go to bed I think ohh I couldn't do this and that today and it all gets carry forward. A blink of an eye and day gone, phewww!!! But I like being busy and gets no time to just sit idle.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Six Months Development

I just can't believe my boy is now six months and every month comes as a bundle of surprises and they open everyday with a wonderful and funny activities. Babies are amazing and you never know when and how they will startle you:) Ayush is learning to speak and babbles everytime in shrill voice, produce string of sounds and squeals with excitement by changing his tone of his babbling when he is delighted. It sounds so funny and makes us laugh:))) 

He doesn't want to lie down everytime, he is happy sitting(he sits for few seconds), standing(off course when we hold him), but these days its hard to hold him 'coz he he has started jumping and then we have to hold him tightly, sometimes he goes like upside down...huuhhhh its scary. He is so restless( like he was inside) and getting naughtier day by day. When I cook , I simply put him in his pram and he is busy playing with his toys. Everytime I've to keep an eye on him. 

I feel that by this stage babies gets excited about everything whatever they see or comes in their way and yes they develop emotions too. Ayush always look forward to grab everything and stuff in his mouth, be it his clothes or anything, he'll pat everything and then wants to grab it; getting super active by now:))) 
PPhewww!!!!!!!! what else too many things. This all just give extreme happiness:) So many activites has developed in Ayush that I feel he is a big boy now. One day me and Piyush was shocked to see Ayush showing his anger, I was putting him the cot and he was literally showing me his anger; he'll go stamping his legs, aaahhhhhhhhhh we were s startled to see him like this. but liked that though, hehehehe. We are wondering what and how he'll surprise us coming days:)) He is my cutie, I call him Barbie, sometimes Catty, must be wondering why Catty, its because when he cries he cries like a cat, meaw :)))))))))))))))))))))

As always we celebrated this month as well with nanaji and aunty in Chenanai Dosa. Every 11th we celebrate as every month is new for Ayush till one year.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Finally Ayush has started weaning, his Annaprashan was done on Thursday by Ram Nana.We worshipped first and offered the pdding to the God in silver plate, bowl, spoon and glass and then nanaji offered it to Ayush five times and he enjoyed very much dribbling everywhere in his cloth. He doesn't like formula milk but see he enjoyed pudding very much. I've started giving him fruits puree, mashed potatoes, he likes that but no formula milk :) Babies are ver clever and they are very intelligent, they can make out the difference in their food, like I give him water in his bottle, he sucks ver well, but if I give him Formula Milk in the same bottle, nooooooooooooooooo. But still I try giving him atleast once a day in a hope that one day my MISSION WILL BE POSSIBLE, hahahahahahahaha

Monday, 23 March 2009

Perfect Weekend

After  a long time we had a relaxing wekend, we went to one of our friend's in Colliers Wood, I felt so refreshed after spending day there,we stayed one night and came back on Sunday evening. That was absolute refreshing. We went to the Morden Park for picnic in a bright sunny and warm day, the park was huge and crowded. Ayush behaved well, he was sleeping till the time we had our lunch, (tea and snacks later) he got up just after we finished our eating, he was enjoying his outing in the park(other than Victoria Park). That was nice outing and weather suported till the end of the day, we all enjoyed tremendously. It was great and lovely weekend:))

Sunday, 22 March 2009

First Mother's Day

Today its a mother's day and my sweet  little boy gifted me a box of chocolate(one of my favourite) and card, that was totally surprise for me. Wowwww what a wonderful feeling I got early morning, that made my day. On this day I use to wish my Mom and see today I am a full fledged mother, hehehehehe and my son is wishing me "Happy Mother's Day", I was overwhelmed :)) This moment was totally different from the other. The first wishes, cards, gifts are always memorable.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

his library card...

yippeeeeee  Ayush got a library card, he is now a member and on Tuesday, I borrowed first three books on his account: "this little baby, puppies and a black cat". I was so happy borrowing in his name. In the library, they have a nice awell organise baby section with lots of books and toys. They do different classae for babies for about an hour, like rhyme class, storey telling and many other for different age groups. I take Ayush for Rhyme class, its for babies under age two and they ask mums if they want to join their babies to the library, I got eager to join him. Its a wonderful way to encourage babies and it helps in language development. For his age there are lots of picture books, so yea its a funnnnnn....

Monday, 16 March 2009

Massage Class

Today it was last class of baby massage, we both enjoyed it. It was quite informative, got to many tricks and it really works & it works wonder; like earlier, before this class when I use to massage his tummy and chest, he always starts wiggling and gradually starts crying, but now he enjoys, lot many tricks are there and its quite interesting to know :)) Babies are so clever that you've to present yourself more cleverly...Even massage can be done musically, I mean start singing different rhyme and here in this class got to know about the toe and finger rhyme, its like:
This little toe went to London,
 This littlle toe stayed at home
 This little toe had a massage,
 This little toe doesn't want one,
 This little toe fell asleep.
This realy diverts baby  and they enjoy sooo much, we all use to sing this in the class and every babies  smiling and enjoying their massage...For me it was worth going for massage class...

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Five Months Development

Every month is amazing and full of excitement. You get to see new new activities and they are just wonderful. Babies are really wonders.Today my little boy is five months and the developments are many and they all come as a surprise everydayJ He flips and rolls over, blabber, dribbles, oh god so many.

He is getting vocal,hehhehe and ends up doing greeee, geeee, mmeee and lot more funny words(it makes me laugh), I imitate his blabber and he smiles and laughs. The happy happy laughter comes out from my little boy, its just full of innocence. I am just waiting for the day when he'll speak the first word clearly, ahhh those days will be wonder.

Babies become messy as they grows and dribbles a lot, thats what Ayush does, everytime he keeps doing that and makes bubbles from  saliva. Always wiggling and mess himself a lot, trying to just grab everything whatever comes in his way and just mingle everything with saliva (looks like he is teething, that’s why he scrubs his gums and dribbles). I keep asking the health visitor and I take Ayush to different baby classes and its nice to know all different mum’s and babies experiences  and then you find almost every activities of babies are similar. Babies enjoy seeing each other and sometimes it looks so funny that they are continuously watching each other J

I take him to rhyme class too and now my boy is a member of library, he has got the library card and a book start, in this five months we’ve been lots of activities J Life has really become very busy, each seconds counts.

Good parenting means good times, not perfect times. There are no perfect parents, only caring and dedicated parents and every parents wants to give the best to their babies.

And Yes…

today its Holi too and its his first holi, so we did pooja and we just touched Ayush’s face with gulalJ In the evening we all went to nanaji’s and aunty’s for the dinner. So altogether it was dual celebration, holi and Ayush’s five months ...

So many things are happening in and around him, sometimes I just gaze in his eyes and wonder what he must be feeling in his first experience of the outside world…





Monday, 9 March 2009


Always looking for healthy and tasty meal, off course I've to loose my weight and get back to normal and you see how sweet my friend cum neighbour is. On Sunday she brought me a bowl full of soup, that was delicious, enjoyed it...She said it took her four hours to prepare this...gosh quite a long time, but it was very tasty...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

What a great weekend!! On Saturday, we got to enjoy handi chicken biryani made by nanaji and it was just incredibly delicious, mmmmmmm..We did overeating. Thanks to nanaji.. and yes thanks to Ayush too as he let us to enjoy our dinner. This chicken biryani was different from all the other what I had eaten. It was real handi biryani, just perfect. And yes there was magic of nananji's hand, if we'll try to make, I know it will come out different than this.
And the funny thing is that Ayush makes strange facial expression when he has to cry and it really looks sweettt. Very often he'll make when he sees nanaji, hehehehe. We were trying to capture that expression of his and ultimately Aunty mnanaged to take 2-3 pics.. We became mean to him, making him cry, poor my baby:))) His dad was feeling very sympathy for him, but nobody cared, everybody was busy to get hold that sweet funny faces, we didnt want to miss it:)))))Ahhhhh lovely weekeend...Ohhh my heart melts too seeing him making this face, I cant see him like this for long.. but I love this expression...
look at his lips...
wet eyes, looks more sharp and of my friend says coz of his big eyes he looks like a girl hahahahaha....

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Packed days....

From now a days my usual busy days going to be more and more busy as I take Ayush to baby massage class on Monday in Torringhton Park, its fun both for mum and baby:) and getting to know the way of massage and different names of movements, reasons of why to do this, how to start and how to make it fun for babies. I am loving it:)) From there I got to know about Baby Rhyming Classes are conducted in libraries for an hour. So on tueday we went there and I was shocked to see so many mums with babies and the sapce was full, not a single place to step the foot in, But luckily I got a seat and we joined the rhyme class. We all were singing with gestures, feels as if back to our childhood... Ayush was enjoying seeing so many babies:)) He has got a pack of Book start,hmmmm see now he is a learned young man, heheheheh:)))

On tuesday me and my friend H decided to go to Brent Crross, so I thought after this class me and Ayush will go from there. My friend H joined us in the library and we went to Brent cross..Goshhhh we spent whole day there, shopping and roaming around, enjoying Mc Donald and got one Mc D balloon for Ayush :) Usually Ayush sleeps when he is out in the pram, but surprisingly enough he was awake whole day, hardly slept...We came back in the evening and we both were so tired, but it was wonderful time we spent with my friend H...

Next day again I took Ayush to Torringhton Park to weigh him and me and my friend H decided to meet again, haahahahaha(we don't miss chance if we both are free)...We spent the day in shopping in boots and from there we came back to home, enjoyed tea and again went to Tesco,hehehehe, did grocery shopping and came back..

Ahhh, wonderful time, though got tired but in that tiredness had an essence of enjoyment.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Its a Birthday!!

Its my husband's birthday and this is the special one as its his first birthday as a dad. Me and Ayush did lots of brthday shopping, spending the whole day and it was all surprise, just between momma and baby,hehehehe :))) I bought a card on Ayush's behalf for his dad. It took me few hours to decorate the room with lots of balloons and filling one ballon with chocolates. We celebrated on 21st night at sharp 12 by playing birthday song in a pin drop silence night time(Ayush and Piyush both were sleeping and at sharp 12 I played the birthday tune) ,blowing candles, cutting cake, bursting  balloons... I like being surprised and give surpises :)) I never miss any chance of celebration.

We went for lunch with nanaji and aunty to Mumbai Junction in Harrow and we had nice and delicious lunch and Ayush was very well behaved, he was in his dreamland till the time we finished:))He let us all to chat and enjoy...and he too had his lunch just after we finished:))) We had wonderful day altogether...

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tough time...

Ooooooo its tough to switch baby from mother's milk to formula milk... I am trying everyday to give formula milk to Ayush, but he is not really taking in the mouth, whenever I put the teat of the bottle in his mouth, he realise it soon its something different from what he takes daily.. Babies are very clever. One cannot cheat with them. Usually he takes everything in his mouth whatever comes his way, but I dont know, what he feels in the bottle, he push the teat out by his toungue. Struggling to make him use to, its fun though:))

Monday, 16 February 2009

Yummy Persian food by my friend H

We spent Saturday evening at my friend's place with mouthwatering and incredibly delicious Persian food, it was my first time I had and was good experience.. We had soup, chicken curry, pulao, crunchy rice, salad, turkish pickle, cake... and nice kettle tea :)

Ohhh it took me more than half an hour to put Ayush to sleep unlike the other days..He kept staring the lights and all of a sudden started crying, but thank god he let us have our dinner and chat...We were chatting about Iran and Indian history. It was wonderful evening and it was valentine's day too, so altogether lovely time:)
Now I am going to try this recipe of chicken curry..I am loving it :)))

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Four Months Development

Today Ayush is four months and watching your baby's activities specially when he does for the first time, I find it most beautiful experience in life. The milestone of four months has been many.He has started pulling my hair and clothes and takes everything in his mouth. He grabs very strongly, sometims its hard to take it off from him and once forcely I pulled back my hair from him, two hairs came in my hand,hahahhaha :))))

What he does everytime is if he is lying, he takes sharp turn and turn around and because of this everytime we are worried that he might fall. Now its hard to leave him alone. Even when I hold himn, he just slips himself off from me all of a sudden.Now I've to hold him tightly.

He has started taking his thumb in and keeps chewing his fingers everytime, whatever he finds in front of him, he takes it in, even his cloth. I dont know, though its messy, but I find these moments with him very enjoyable and all his activties gives me immense pleasure:) Babies are adorable and are bundle of joy. I dont want to miss any of his activities even for a blink.

One day I was reading a magazine and Ayush was in my lap, he started patting on the paper and I gave him an old magazine, what he does surprised me coz it was for the first time he did, he took the paer in his mouth and torn it away. I dont know I felt so happy taht he has started tearing and from now onwards I have to keep these delicate things away from him. Usually I don't leave my house messy, but on that day, I left those torn papers there for few hours.

He enjoys music and specially loud music. So if we are busy , we put him in his bouncer and put the music on, he enjoys snd sometimes sleeps on his own; this melts me and Iwant to pick him up, but I just leave him there because in a way he is learning to sleep on his own. And now he understands that I am going to be picked up from the bouncer, when destrap him from his bouncer, he know very well..

He has learnt many things and is learning. He play on his own, talks on his ownlike geeeee, cooo, gooo, ayee and lots more. Sometimes if he doesn't like the toy or gets bored then starts kicking it away.Now he has changed totally, he is four months and I feel time is flying.

Today I had a small get together at my place and I made chicken curry, boiled vegtable and gulab jamun and my friend H baked cake for us, so on one hand we had get together and a celebration as well for his completion of four months AND in the evening me, Piyush ans Ayush enjoyed our dinner with drinks. I want to make the date 11th of every mont something different from the othe days. So had good celebration altogether.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Babies Approach...

Its all known that giving your baby love and affection is the most important thing you can do to ensure his/her emotional development, sense of security, confidence and this fosters his mental development too. You have to judge them very keenly. As you start watching and understanding their minds, the approach towards them gets closer and vivid. Follow his gaze, his fingers where and what he is pointing, you will understand what he is interested in. Sometimes baby just need your arms, cuddle, kiss and sometimes they want to explore things on their own.

I try my best to read my baby's mind and it is interesting to get to know very closely, so that I can play with him and simultaneously I find it a learning approach for him. I watch him when he plays with his mobile toy hanging over his cot and I just don't leave him alone, sometimes I watch him what he is doing and how he is enjoying, then one day I tied his one leg with soft saturn ribbon( very lightly) so that he can see those toys in the mobile spinning around when he moves his leg. This helps them to do things on his own which is quite interesting. Their are lots of things which I find very helpful to make him play and at the same time to make him learn as well. I make different facial expressions or try to amuse him with different colourful toys, music so that he could get to know about different things and he can learn. I think babies minds are very prominent and its a precious gift given to parents for its safe keeping and to nurture it, so I repeat three-four same words(like good morning, good night, clapping, dog) or sing poems( twinkle twinkle, baba blacksheep, chanda mama, machhli jal ki) daily with action and I found all these very helpful even if he is crying, screaming, this deviates his mind and he enjoys. Sometimes what I do is: I only sing without action and all of a sudden he starts looking for action( that am not doing as I always do) Some of these moments with him is full of enjoyment for both of us.

Some of these actions with him I find very approachable. So we should not only rely on nature to stimulate it but we as a caregiver, nurture them properly which is stimulating and enriching :)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Meal in a jiffy...

These days I always look for meal which can be prepared in short span of time as my baby is only 3 and half months so my whole day goes in and around with him, so last Sunday I made delicious soup(recipe from my friend) with garlic bread and one mixed vegetable of soya leaves, spinach and aubergine(recipe from my mom). It came out very nice.
It was bright sunny day with mix of chilly wind and I thought to enjoy my new meal with my nanaji and aunty. We all enjoyed this delicious soup in this chilly weather with starter of salty peanuts and drinks.
So light and healthy meal which saves time and saves energy :)

Monday, 2 February 2009

All about snowfall...

Its snowing since last night, I was wrapping up my work on internet and all of a sudden I looked out of the window, it was all whitey white. In the morning it was looking amazingly beautiful, but the transport services was suspended, so no bus running on the road and people were taking advantage of empty road by making snowballs, clicking pictures...Now Ayush got up and I took him to the window to see this beautiful scene, he was literally looking at the snow when it comes on to the window and all of a sudden looking down, as if where it has gone..he enjoyed seeing his first snowfall :) Had a nice bright looking day and this was heavy snowfall in last 18 years...

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Moments with friends...

Everybody misses their good things happened in the past and wants to remember it.. I have some cherished moments with my friends who came to the hospital to meet me and to shower support when I was almost ready to go to the delivery suite. This friend of mine has really been a great help emotionally.

We first met in Oxfam Charity shop, where we were working and gradualy we got into friendship, we live in same area but somehow I haven't visited her place but we use to meet each other every now and then either at my place or outside,I was pregnant at that time and we use to go for a walk or for shopping, but I havent seen her place and the lovely co-incidence was that I first step in her flat with my baby and my mom. Its her love for baby which dragged us at hers. That was wonderful visit.

I would say am lucky enough to have friends like this who shares not only the goodie goodie moments but also crucial and critical moments as well.. Its our love and respect for each other. With friends like this is really priceless and a valuable gift in life. Everybody plays some role in life and very few leaves imprint which get engrossed.

These few precious moments in my precious time will always be memorable :)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Three months development

With my precious , three months old son , I have found many moments of his are overwhelming. Watching a baby development is truly a fascinating experience, it is endearing and wonderful. Over the past three months, the most significant milestone has been that he smiles, gurgles, giggles in his own language and it takes away all the tiredness. Even during midninght, when I woke up by him either by his wiggling or sometimes he starts crying when he is sleeping, seeing his beautiful face staring at me with that twinkling eyes, melts me. You just forget about sleep and everything. Whatever baby need, they can't get it on their own, they totally depend on you and you become more responsible towards them. Infact by this they make you more feel about the parenthood.

Every moments with baby is precious, full of joy and excitement. It moulds your life in doing lots of new things with them, making them learn about the world by speaking with them, acting with them, showing them different things and babies very well get attracted by colourful things. Doing all these things you go back to your own childhood. Now he has started looking at things when I point at them, now I play with him as he enjoys. Its like a new start of life :)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Mom's visit

I remember when my mom was here, she was much of help and now we miss her a lot. It was such a co-incidence the day I was discharged from the hospital, my Mom came from India same day.. and I was waiting for her eagerly..She came at 8pm and later in the night we shared so many things from pregnancy till delivery and lot more.. This was her first visit to London.

She was taking care of Ayush, me, giving me a good massage and looking after the kitchen as well and now I miss her a lot. We shared so many things of my childhood days and she said to me that I still can't believe that you are now a mother and "my baby has a baby now"..I showed her all my pregnancy and after delivery pics and videos and this brought tears in her eyes.. She praised me and my husband that we did very well during this period..

After a month we took her out to some places in London, we celebrated some of our ocassions as well and then our wedding anniversary, she made it veryy special for us by decorating in her style. So everything was very special:) She really liked and enjoyed being here a lot :) And time just flies, she left for India on 24th dec'08...It was veryyyy hard time for me that she is going back to India.. She calls daily alomst twice or thrice to hear Ayush's voice...

Monday, 19 January 2009

Christmas Lunch

Every festivals and ocassions are now with the baby and its full of enthusiasm. And everybody wants to make it special for baby. The first festival for Ayush was Dipawali and it was after 16 days of his birth. Then it was our Wedding Anniversary and this Anniv was veryyy special for us as we have Ayush, it was altogether different feeling and joy. It was first christmas for my son, we bought Santa Claus outfit and Santa Socks for Ayush and on 25th Dec morning we gifted him Santa Claus's gift (soft toy) in the socks and above all me and my husband took him out in his Santa dress for Christmas lunch at nanji's and aunty's. Aunty made us nice and tasty potato wedges, that was special and we had drinks, nicely done jeera chicken by nanaji and mutton and lots more. After lunch we all enjoyed watching movies, so had a great christmas this year. First Christmas lunch for Ayush. I must say because of nanaji and aunty, we never felt alone during my pregnancy period and yes she is the one who has seen all my ups and downs during this time. So it will always be memorable that Ayush's first christmas lunch was at hers.

As the days are rolling, we both are living and loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Mum

Now the motherhood has started and life changes drastically after baby, lots of responsibilities, lots of work and all circulate around with baby. With a new mum, they settle down with this new life gradually, lots of things to do in running time. Time flies like anything and we run short of time.Every mum would like to do lots of things for their baby.

During pregnancy and after delivery, lots of changes takes place in your body, most importantly your hormone level goes up and down. My preganancy was very smooth and healthy but my delivery was tough, though had normal delivery, but I was fainted and had drip and my haemoglobin gone down sharply, so had two units of blood transfusion. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and after discharge when I came home , the next day my midwife examined that my stitches got opened, so immediately we rushed for the hospital, but from Antibiotics it got better and thank God at that time my mom was here so it was much of help. But yes I must say that I got full attention and good care in the Barnet Hospital, they discharged me only when I was fit to go home.
In this painful stage my husband was extremely supportive and he stood by me everytime giving all his love and care. He took care of every thing at home and in the hospital, lots of responsibilities, but he did with immense love and joy. The hospital has visiting hour from 8am - 8pm and I use to wait for him very eagerly every morning. My 5 days and night was totally sleepless and restless. During day time indeed I had great help from my husband, though he too has sleepless nights as he has to prepare and cook foods for me and lots of other works, so he has to finish off lots of work and in the morning he rush for the hospital. So had joyfully tough time for both of us.
"When we look at our baby, its worth":)
We welcomed our baby Ayush at home when I was discharged and first of all we bowed to the GOD(at home) ,at that time it was just two of us to welcome Ayush. We did miss our family.
Initial few days were really a sleepless nights but still you get different feeling and satisfaction that its all about baby, after all it takes nine months to make a baby, so altogether different joy.

As earlier I have written on baby names and nowI have my baby , he was born on 11th Oct.2008 and me and my husband has named him "Ayush". We didnt know the gender of our baby, so we searched a lot for both the gender and after my delivery we ended in keeping Ayush.

This name sounds very similar to his dad's name "Piyush".