Monday, 15 June 2009

Lovely Day at Victoria Park

This time all mums and babies met on Saturday at victoia park and dads joined us as well. Full of sunshines, pleasant weather, lovely companies, and it was great to meet all dads together. We had little chit chat, light refreshments and most wonderful was all babies, busy playing, watching all babies. It was just so beautiful.
We had photo session, first round we took all dads with their babies and then mums with babies,it was funnnnnnnnnn... and then all dads got busy exchanging numbers, they were looking so funny concentrating in that not a single number should be missed,hehehehehe
Ahhhh it was relaxing and beautiful day.

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HaleH said...

wow I love the nice and creative...this way you can compare the babies with mums and dads faces to see who got who's details!!!Like it.