Thursday, 26 February 2009

Packed days....

From now a days my usual busy days going to be more and more busy as I take Ayush to baby massage class on Monday in Torringhton Park, its fun both for mum and baby:) and getting to know the way of massage and different names of movements, reasons of why to do this, how to start and how to make it fun for babies. I am loving it:)) From there I got to know about Baby Rhyming Classes are conducted in libraries for an hour. So on tueday we went there and I was shocked to see so many mums with babies and the sapce was full, not a single place to step the foot in, But luckily I got a seat and we joined the rhyme class. We all were singing with gestures, feels as if back to our childhood... Ayush was enjoying seeing so many babies:)) He has got a pack of Book start,hmmmm see now he is a learned young man, heheheheh:)))

On tuesday me and my friend H decided to go to Brent Crross, so I thought after this class me and Ayush will go from there. My friend H joined us in the library and we went to Brent cross..Goshhhh we spent whole day there, shopping and roaming around, enjoying Mc Donald and got one Mc D balloon for Ayush :) Usually Ayush sleeps when he is out in the pram, but surprisingly enough he was awake whole day, hardly slept...We came back in the evening and we both were so tired, but it was wonderful time we spent with my friend H...

Next day again I took Ayush to Torringhton Park to weigh him and me and my friend H decided to meet again, haahahahaha(we don't miss chance if we both are free)...We spent the day in shopping in boots and from there we came back to home, enjoyed tea and again went to Tesco,hehehehe, did grocery shopping and came back..

Ahhh, wonderful time, though got tired but in that tiredness had an essence of enjoyment.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Its a Birthday!!

Its my husband's birthday and this is the special one as its his first birthday as a dad. Me and Ayush did lots of brthday shopping, spending the whole day and it was all surprise, just between momma and baby,hehehehe :))) I bought a card on Ayush's behalf for his dad. It took me few hours to decorate the room with lots of balloons and filling one ballon with chocolates. We celebrated on 21st night at sharp 12 by playing birthday song in a pin drop silence night time(Ayush and Piyush both were sleeping and at sharp 12 I played the birthday tune) ,blowing candles, cutting cake, bursting  balloons... I like being surprised and give surpises :)) I never miss any chance of celebration.

We went for lunch with nanaji and aunty to Mumbai Junction in Harrow and we had nice and delicious lunch and Ayush was very well behaved, he was in his dreamland till the time we finished:))He let us all to chat and enjoy...and he too had his lunch just after we finished:))) We had wonderful day altogether...

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tough time...

Ooooooo its tough to switch baby from mother's milk to formula milk... I am trying everyday to give formula milk to Ayush, but he is not really taking in the mouth, whenever I put the teat of the bottle in his mouth, he realise it soon its something different from what he takes daily.. Babies are very clever. One cannot cheat with them. Usually he takes everything in his mouth whatever comes his way, but I dont know, what he feels in the bottle, he push the teat out by his toungue. Struggling to make him use to, its fun though:))

Monday, 16 February 2009

Yummy Persian food by my friend H

We spent Saturday evening at my friend's place with mouthwatering and incredibly delicious Persian food, it was my first time I had and was good experience.. We had soup, chicken curry, pulao, crunchy rice, salad, turkish pickle, cake... and nice kettle tea :)

Ohhh it took me more than half an hour to put Ayush to sleep unlike the other days..He kept staring the lights and all of a sudden started crying, but thank god he let us have our dinner and chat...We were chatting about Iran and Indian history. It was wonderful evening and it was valentine's day too, so altogether lovely time:)
Now I am going to try this recipe of chicken curry..I am loving it :)))

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Four Months Development

Today Ayush is four months and watching your baby's activities specially when he does for the first time, I find it most beautiful experience in life. The milestone of four months has been many.He has started pulling my hair and clothes and takes everything in his mouth. He grabs very strongly, sometims its hard to take it off from him and once forcely I pulled back my hair from him, two hairs came in my hand,hahahhaha :))))

What he does everytime is if he is lying, he takes sharp turn and turn around and because of this everytime we are worried that he might fall. Now its hard to leave him alone. Even when I hold himn, he just slips himself off from me all of a sudden.Now I've to hold him tightly.

He has started taking his thumb in and keeps chewing his fingers everytime, whatever he finds in front of him, he takes it in, even his cloth. I dont know, though its messy, but I find these moments with him very enjoyable and all his activties gives me immense pleasure:) Babies are adorable and are bundle of joy. I dont want to miss any of his activities even for a blink.

One day I was reading a magazine and Ayush was in my lap, he started patting on the paper and I gave him an old magazine, what he does surprised me coz it was for the first time he did, he took the paer in his mouth and torn it away. I dont know I felt so happy taht he has started tearing and from now onwards I have to keep these delicate things away from him. Usually I don't leave my house messy, but on that day, I left those torn papers there for few hours.

He enjoys music and specially loud music. So if we are busy , we put him in his bouncer and put the music on, he enjoys snd sometimes sleeps on his own; this melts me and Iwant to pick him up, but I just leave him there because in a way he is learning to sleep on his own. And now he understands that I am going to be picked up from the bouncer, when destrap him from his bouncer, he know very well..

He has learnt many things and is learning. He play on his own, talks on his ownlike geeeee, cooo, gooo, ayee and lots more. Sometimes if he doesn't like the toy or gets bored then starts kicking it away.Now he has changed totally, he is four months and I feel time is flying.

Today I had a small get together at my place and I made chicken curry, boiled vegtable and gulab jamun and my friend H baked cake for us, so on one hand we had get together and a celebration as well for his completion of four months AND in the evening me, Piyush ans Ayush enjoyed our dinner with drinks. I want to make the date 11th of every mont something different from the othe days. So had good celebration altogether.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Babies Approach...

Its all known that giving your baby love and affection is the most important thing you can do to ensure his/her emotional development, sense of security, confidence and this fosters his mental development too. You have to judge them very keenly. As you start watching and understanding their minds, the approach towards them gets closer and vivid. Follow his gaze, his fingers where and what he is pointing, you will understand what he is interested in. Sometimes baby just need your arms, cuddle, kiss and sometimes they want to explore things on their own.

I try my best to read my baby's mind and it is interesting to get to know very closely, so that I can play with him and simultaneously I find it a learning approach for him. I watch him when he plays with his mobile toy hanging over his cot and I just don't leave him alone, sometimes I watch him what he is doing and how he is enjoying, then one day I tied his one leg with soft saturn ribbon( very lightly) so that he can see those toys in the mobile spinning around when he moves his leg. This helps them to do things on his own which is quite interesting. Their are lots of things which I find very helpful to make him play and at the same time to make him learn as well. I make different facial expressions or try to amuse him with different colourful toys, music so that he could get to know about different things and he can learn. I think babies minds are very prominent and its a precious gift given to parents for its safe keeping and to nurture it, so I repeat three-four same words(like good morning, good night, clapping, dog) or sing poems( twinkle twinkle, baba blacksheep, chanda mama, machhli jal ki) daily with action and I found all these very helpful even if he is crying, screaming, this deviates his mind and he enjoys. Sometimes what I do is: I only sing without action and all of a sudden he starts looking for action( that am not doing as I always do) Some of these moments with him is full of enjoyment for both of us.

Some of these actions with him I find very approachable. So we should not only rely on nature to stimulate it but we as a caregiver, nurture them properly which is stimulating and enriching :)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Meal in a jiffy...

These days I always look for meal which can be prepared in short span of time as my baby is only 3 and half months so my whole day goes in and around with him, so last Sunday I made delicious soup(recipe from my friend) with garlic bread and one mixed vegetable of soya leaves, spinach and aubergine(recipe from my mom). It came out very nice.
It was bright sunny day with mix of chilly wind and I thought to enjoy my new meal with my nanaji and aunty. We all enjoyed this delicious soup in this chilly weather with starter of salty peanuts and drinks.
So light and healthy meal which saves time and saves energy :)

Monday, 2 February 2009

All about snowfall...

Its snowing since last night, I was wrapping up my work on internet and all of a sudden I looked out of the window, it was all whitey white. In the morning it was looking amazingly beautiful, but the transport services was suspended, so no bus running on the road and people were taking advantage of empty road by making snowballs, clicking pictures...Now Ayush got up and I took him to the window to see this beautiful scene, he was literally looking at the snow when it comes on to the window and all of a sudden looking down, as if where it has gone..he enjoyed seeing his first snowfall :) Had a nice bright looking day and this was heavy snowfall in last 18 years...