Saturday, 27 June 2009

First Father's Day

my first father's day
lovely gift for dad

Its a father's day!!!!!!!
On the way back we from Coventry to London, we went to Oxford and it was ASK restaurant, they were doing a great deal on this special day where Dad eats for free. It was absolutely lovely food, Dad had Mussells and Mum had Caesar salad, it was absolutely lovely food with lovely day:)) A gift from a son to dad!!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

First trip to: Coventry

all set to go

Well this was the first trip to Coventry with Ayush and absolutey wonderful and exciting trip. He was well behaved, he slept through the journey,hehehehe:)))

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


So many different stages comes in baby's life that things gets shifting. My dear boy,since last 2 days is refusing his foods and Piyush said lets try formula again, and miracle:)))))))) he took 5 ounces, we were so glad seeing him drinking his milk without any nagging... Hmm its the dad who is trying to make the mission possible,hehehehehe
I just hope that little darling should continue taking this formula:))))))))
Wish me luck,hahaha......

Monday, 15 June 2009

Lovely Day at Victoria Park

This time all mums and babies met on Saturday at victoia park and dads joined us as well. Full of sunshines, pleasant weather, lovely companies, and it was great to meet all dads together. We had little chit chat, light refreshments and most wonderful was all babies, busy playing, watching all babies. It was just so beautiful.
We had photo session, first round we took all dads with their babies and then mums with babies,it was funnnnnnnnnn... and then all dads got busy exchanging numbers, they were looking so funny concentrating in that not a single number should be missed,hehehehehe
Ahhhh it was relaxing and beautiful day.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Eight Months Development

Now he looks big, can't think that he is now eight months. He is big boy now:) The developments are again many, they develop so rapidly that just a blink of an eye, new change. He has started distinguishing between his foods and ours and he doesn't want his, all he wnats to grab from our plate,hehehehe, it feels so goos when your baby is dragging salad or something else from your plate, you don't want to take away from his hand...He is very talkative now a days, keeps babbling everytime. He sits, and he tries to crawl but my darling goes backward, he will lift his bums high and then pushes himself backwards. One day I was busy on internet and suddenly I found Ayush has gone under the sofa, I was laughing like anything:))))) Now a days I can't leave him alone on the bed, he rolls over frequently.
He has started eating what we eat but without spices,hmmm still not taking formula...he likes yougurt so am glad:))
Phewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! no teeth yet, though he is going through all those symptoms of teething, but still hasn't got any.....
There are so many changes now and it feels good thnat cannot be really expessed in words. Parents gets overwhelmed seeing their babies growing so quickly...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Now my litle boy is better, but he has become very cranky.His daily routine has changed so much.But atleast no temperature and he is taking his food BUT no formula.......

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Feeling Low

It was lunch at my place(post natal group) and Ayush was so crankyand restless that day that I could hrdly sit with them.Everybody were in my lounge enjoying the chit chat and lunch and I was carrying Ayush in my bedrom, sometimes kitchen and later in late evening he started cring like anything:(( He got high temperature and diarrohea, cheeks got pink, we both were feeling so bad and low seeing him in this miserable condition:((( Calpol was also not working much and his fever was just creeping up. He was not leaving me even for a minute and we were much worried beacuse he was not eating and drinking anything just my milk.
This is the time when parents feel so helpless.. This is the first time, he has got high fever in this 8 months. I just hope it should go soon........