Monday, 28 November 2011

First month birthday

Today Arush is one month, we celebrated his first month birthday. I baked a cake and Ayush and Arush both cut the cake :) that was nice seeing both the brothers cutting the cake together :D We all had lovely dinner, lamb curry, pulao, kheer and roti.

Can't believe one month has passed and am still recovering :D time has just gone dead busy with two boys :)) Ayush hasn't accepted him fully, sometimes he is very good and sometimes he is very cranky, me and Piyush can understand his feeling being the eldest in the family :D

Friday, 25 November 2011

My lil one Arush born- 28th oct 2011

Ahhh after a long wait Arush came in our life on 28th oct oct 2011 :)) A warm welcome to him in this world :) It was emergency C-section because his position was sideways(posterior), so he couldn't come out normally. It was different experience in both boys, one normal and another section :D good though :D

Ayush behaved very well , he was with his nani at home and he did well :) I was in a lot of tension and was crying(as the time came closer) that how he'll be without me but all went well. After Arush born, Piyush went home to bring my mum and Ayush to the hospital. Ayush reacted well seeing Arush. but when I hospital staff was shifting me to the Victoria Ward, he started crying a lot and that made me very weak, but later on when I hugged him, everything was fine.