Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Moments with friends...

Everybody misses their good things happened in the past and wants to remember it.. I have some cherished moments with my friends who came to the hospital to meet me and to shower support when I was almost ready to go to the delivery suite. This friend of mine has really been a great help emotionally.

We first met in Oxfam Charity shop, where we were working and gradualy we got into friendship, we live in same area but somehow I haven't visited her place but we use to meet each other every now and then either at my place or outside,I was pregnant at that time and we use to go for a walk or for shopping, but I havent seen her place and the lovely co-incidence was that I first step in her flat with my baby and my mom. Its her love for baby which dragged us at hers. That was wonderful visit.

I would say am lucky enough to have friends like this who shares not only the goodie goodie moments but also crucial and critical moments as well.. Its our love and respect for each other. With friends like this is really priceless and a valuable gift in life. Everybody plays some role in life and very few leaves imprint which get engrossed.

These few precious moments in my precious time will always be memorable :)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Three months development

With my precious , three months old son , I have found many moments of his are overwhelming. Watching a baby development is truly a fascinating experience, it is endearing and wonderful. Over the past three months, the most significant milestone has been that he smiles, gurgles, giggles in his own language and it takes away all the tiredness. Even during midninght, when I woke up by him either by his wiggling or sometimes he starts crying when he is sleeping, seeing his beautiful face staring at me with that twinkling eyes, melts me. You just forget about sleep and everything. Whatever baby need, they can't get it on their own, they totally depend on you and you become more responsible towards them. Infact by this they make you more feel about the parenthood.

Every moments with baby is precious, full of joy and excitement. It moulds your life in doing lots of new things with them, making them learn about the world by speaking with them, acting with them, showing them different things and babies very well get attracted by colourful things. Doing all these things you go back to your own childhood. Now he has started looking at things when I point at them, now I play with him as he enjoys. Its like a new start of life :)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Mom's visit

I remember when my mom was here, she was much of help and now we miss her a lot. It was such a co-incidence the day I was discharged from the hospital, my Mom came from India same day.. and I was waiting for her eagerly..She came at 8pm and later in the night we shared so many things from pregnancy till delivery and lot more.. This was her first visit to London.

She was taking care of Ayush, me, giving me a good massage and looking after the kitchen as well and now I miss her a lot. We shared so many things of my childhood days and she said to me that I still can't believe that you are now a mother and "my baby has a baby now"..I showed her all my pregnancy and after delivery pics and videos and this brought tears in her eyes.. She praised me and my husband that we did very well during this period..

After a month we took her out to some places in London, we celebrated some of our ocassions as well and then our wedding anniversary, she made it veryy special for us by decorating in her style. So everything was very special:) She really liked and enjoyed being here a lot :) And time just flies, she left for India on 24th dec'08...It was veryyyy hard time for me that she is going back to India.. She calls daily alomst twice or thrice to hear Ayush's voice...

Monday, 19 January 2009

Christmas Lunch

Every festivals and ocassions are now with the baby and its full of enthusiasm. And everybody wants to make it special for baby. The first festival for Ayush was Dipawali and it was after 16 days of his birth. Then it was our Wedding Anniversary and this Anniv was veryyy special for us as we have Ayush, it was altogether different feeling and joy. It was first christmas for my son, we bought Santa Claus outfit and Santa Socks for Ayush and on 25th Dec morning we gifted him Santa Claus's gift (soft toy) in the socks and above all me and my husband took him out in his Santa dress for Christmas lunch at nanji's and aunty's. Aunty made us nice and tasty potato wedges, that was special and we had drinks, nicely done jeera chicken by nanaji and mutton and lots more. After lunch we all enjoyed watching movies, so had a great christmas this year. First Christmas lunch for Ayush. I must say because of nanaji and aunty, we never felt alone during my pregnancy period and yes she is the one who has seen all my ups and downs during this time. So it will always be memorable that Ayush's first christmas lunch was at hers.

As the days are rolling, we both are living and loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Mum

Now the motherhood has started and life changes drastically after baby, lots of responsibilities, lots of work and all circulate around with baby. With a new mum, they settle down with this new life gradually, lots of things to do in running time. Time flies like anything and we run short of time.Every mum would like to do lots of things for their baby.

During pregnancy and after delivery, lots of changes takes place in your body, most importantly your hormone level goes up and down. My preganancy was very smooth and healthy but my delivery was tough, though had normal delivery, but I was fainted and had drip and my haemoglobin gone down sharply, so had two units of blood transfusion. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and after discharge when I came home , the next day my midwife examined that my stitches got opened, so immediately we rushed for the hospital, but from Antibiotics it got better and thank God at that time my mom was here so it was much of help. But yes I must say that I got full attention and good care in the Barnet Hospital, they discharged me only when I was fit to go home.
In this painful stage my husband was extremely supportive and he stood by me everytime giving all his love and care. He took care of every thing at home and in the hospital, lots of responsibilities, but he did with immense love and joy. The hospital has visiting hour from 8am - 8pm and I use to wait for him very eagerly every morning. My 5 days and night was totally sleepless and restless. During day time indeed I had great help from my husband, though he too has sleepless nights as he has to prepare and cook foods for me and lots of other works, so he has to finish off lots of work and in the morning he rush for the hospital. So had joyfully tough time for both of us.
"When we look at our baby, its worth":)
We welcomed our baby Ayush at home when I was discharged and first of all we bowed to the GOD(at home) ,at that time it was just two of us to welcome Ayush. We did miss our family.
Initial few days were really a sleepless nights but still you get different feeling and satisfaction that its all about baby, after all it takes nine months to make a baby, so altogether different joy.

As earlier I have written on baby names and nowI have my baby , he was born on 11th Oct.2008 and me and my husband has named him "Ayush". We didnt know the gender of our baby, so we searched a lot for both the gender and after my delivery we ended in keeping Ayush.

This name sounds very similar to his dad's name "Piyush".