Sunday, 25 January 2009

Three months development

With my precious , three months old son , I have found many moments of his are overwhelming. Watching a baby development is truly a fascinating experience, it is endearing and wonderful. Over the past three months, the most significant milestone has been that he smiles, gurgles, giggles in his own language and it takes away all the tiredness. Even during midninght, when I woke up by him either by his wiggling or sometimes he starts crying when he is sleeping, seeing his beautiful face staring at me with that twinkling eyes, melts me. You just forget about sleep and everything. Whatever baby need, they can't get it on their own, they totally depend on you and you become more responsible towards them. Infact by this they make you more feel about the parenthood.

Every moments with baby is precious, full of joy and excitement. It moulds your life in doing lots of new things with them, making them learn about the world by speaking with them, acting with them, showing them different things and babies very well get attracted by colourful things. Doing all these things you go back to your own childhood. Now he has started looking at things when I point at them, now I play with him as he enjoys. Its like a new start of life :)

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HaleH said...

Well,well,well...Now you are officially tempting me(or other readers) to go for a baby!!!
You know I love reading your really feels good.. :-)