Sunday, 25 March 2012

First Water

Today first time we gave water to Arush in the evning, he kept opening his mouth :) he liked the taste hehehe and was looking so cute.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's day

Today it was first Mother's day for Arush and he really behaved well in the morning by remaining quiet and playing and cheerful. In the evening we went to a restaurant(Nando's) and he was very restless when we went inside and I was trying to put him to sleep but he didn't. Otherwise he goes sleep when I put him to, but today evening he was sleepy but was not going to sleep and was up whole time till we finished our food.

Ayush made me a card in his nursery on friday. It was beautiful and was written To my Mummy :) no other cards worth than that :) He is grown up now and he understands a lot :)Overall was a good day :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Arush's 4 months development

Its always beautiful to see your baby growing and their everyday activities, how they develop. its always satisfying for a mother :) Arush is teething badly and everytime he wants something to press in his gum. Even he doesnt leave papers, he starts putting all in his mouth. From last two days he has started pressing his gums with his lips and he looks soo beautiful doing this :) he makes different sound by doing this and dribbles a lot :) love it :)
His grip is so tight and strong like Ayush. Now I make him sir sometimes on the sofa :) and he enjoys sitting on it. And he is so naught that after sitting on sofa he doesnt like to sit on his bouncer.
Nothing worth more than kids and nothing more valuable than their lovely moments :)

Arush's First Holi

It was Arush's first Holi on 8th March. I bought one box of red Gulal :) We did puja first and applied a bit on Arush and Ayush's face. This time Ayush quite liked it,hmm he is grown up now and off course a big brother. Arush didnt even notice :)

In the afternoon, Ayush went to his nursery and this was the first time Ayush had face painting, he was looking so cute :)

We all had dinner together and I made some Indian sweet: gujiya, gulab jamun and we had lovely chicken curry :)So nice nice day and evening :)