Saturday, 28 April 2012

Six Months Birthday

Arush is six months and baby's developments are many :) He starts sitting now but falls down quickly and he looks so funny when he falls down :D
But unlike Ayush, he is my lazy little boy, he doesnt want to flip over and explore muxh by physical movements, everytime he wants me to hold him. When I'll put him in his baby gym, he enjoys and plays with the hanging toys just couple of minutes and then he start crying, if am not there And if he sees me, he will wriggle his hands and legs to come to me :) he is very naught. In this age he has started showing his angerness on something he doesnt want or doesnt like. When I feed him and hie doenst want that, he will start getting angry by his shrill voice and blows everything out of the mouth.
So yes, developments are may things comes in a surprise packet and they actually make their parents surprised from their behaviour. Its all very much enjoyable, we are loving it :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Arush's first breakfast

:D today Arush had his first breakfast :) feels sooo glad, he is a big boy now, babies grow so quickly. Ayush fed him too and he enjoyed taking his feed from his big brother :) these are beautiful and precious moments.
Arush had creamy porridge and apple juice and he loved it :) He is sitting in the bouncer looking at me and Ayush is playing with his toys and repeatedly saying to me :mummy mummy I want to go to India :)
Am enjoying these moments with my two lovely kidies :)These moments means a lot to me.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Arush's Annaprashan(Weaning)

We introduced solids today to Arusg for the first time and we did it ritually like Ayush:) He has been fed kheer and he liked it a lot. We have been busy since morning, I cooked 6 dishes and get both the kids ready and we all did puja :) Both borthers were wearing pink shirt :)) and were looking cuties. It was lovely day, after his Annaprashan, Ayush went to the nursery.
Its so relaxing for mum and baby both when they start eating:) I gaveArush porridge in the evening and he ate it with so interest, he had little bit of apple juice too :) All those baby foods back again in my shelf :D am loving it feeding two kids, though its tiring but this tiring has different joy in it :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tiring days

ahhhhhhhhhhhh days are very tiring around household chores. It is definitely hard to look after two kids alongwith all household work, though am actually loving it and enjoying them :) But when I dont get my sleep and bad bodyache, I really put my hands down and think how I am going to manage all these. Ayush and arush are so cute and loving childeren, they definitely support me and cooperate :) Ayush helps me in looking after Arush, he tries to amuse him with toys, making faces, dancing and it is so overwhelming to see them like this. Piyush works mostly from home so I get help from him too.
But sometimes it really get difficult for me to manage everything at one time, specially in this country where you dont have any help.After my delivery, my body ache is just increasing and increasing, my day finishes off by taking paracetamol.I really need nice massage.In few days we'll go to India and am sure I will get bit of help and have some relaxing time.But I know over the years when these two kids will grow up, we will be immensely happy and happy to see them and remembering these days :) I always pray to for good health for us and strength from God so that we live this life happily, free from all health problems :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Arush's first bottle milk

It was yesterday Arush took his first formula milk and am glad that he immediately took the teat in his mouth and had one ml :)though he didnt like much but still he takes 1-2 ml. when he doesn't want, he doesnt open his mouth haha how clever :) Now he is five and half and i have to soon start his weaning. He has started grabbing plates or anything we eat :)

Phewwwww i want to write more, but am so tired and Arush is sitting in my lap and playing with his soother and cooin and cawwwing:)) ohhh now he is getting agitated, have to pen down :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Five months Development

Developments has been many and it gives immense pleasure seeing all these. Now Arush is five months. He now opens his arms when I open mine to take him :) He rolls over the bed and tries to sit when I put him in the bouncer. As he is getting bigger, he wants me to hold him all the time, he doesn't play on his own. and if I am busy doing some works and dont take him immediately, he starts getting angry and he shows:) Sometimes when he is crying, Ayush will come and try to amuse him :) Nothing more interesting seeing the two brothers playing together and Ayush trying to entertain Arush :)These moments are very precious.