Saturday, 28 April 2012

Six Months Birthday

Arush is six months and baby's developments are many :) He starts sitting now but falls down quickly and he looks so funny when he falls down :D
But unlike Ayush, he is my lazy little boy, he doesnt want to flip over and explore muxh by physical movements, everytime he wants me to hold him. When I'll put him in his baby gym, he enjoys and plays with the hanging toys just couple of minutes and then he start crying, if am not there And if he sees me, he will wriggle his hands and legs to come to me :) he is very naught. In this age he has started showing his angerness on something he doesnt want or doesnt like. When I feed him and hie doenst want that, he will start getting angry by his shrill voice and blows everything out of the mouth.
So yes, developments are may things comes in a surprise packet and they actually make their parents surprised from their behaviour. Its all very much enjoyable, we are loving it :)

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