Sunday, 31 May 2009

All Sunny

Its been soooo beautiful days from last few days, its so warm and bright, all sunny whole day till late evening. Its just perfect days:) We didn't miss any day to go out and enjoy the weather.Ayush has een enjoying a lot in the park specially sitting and lying on the mat under the tree, playing, blowing his saliva and swirling in the air, lol!!!!
Absolutely beautiful and pretty, loving it:))

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hottest day of the year

pub in Potters Bar

everybody busy talking , but my little boy posing for the photo
love this laughter

It was absolutely lovely and warm day, so we thought to enjoy this hottest day of the year and make the most of it; went for Pub Lunch in Potters Bar, place was wonderful with a small lake at the side of the pub and with ducks swimming around:)
Ayush enjoyed a lot, being fed chicken for the first time:)) We were having chicken chips, corn and salad, so he had litle bit of everything from mine and aunty's plate and yes he liked the juice as well, mango & apple and cranberry. 
Nowadays he plays a lot, keps jumping when somebody is holding him, flaps like a bird always; I like his flapping and at the same time he dribbles a lot.
After his meal and drinks, he played and had photo session, always ready for the pose, hehehehehe.
We had a nice time there.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Its Thursday, post natal group day!!!!This time we met at N's place and she cooked Turkish food with Yummy spinach cake..Yes it sounds bit unusual but it was really yum:) Ayush enjoyed the food and dessert too with me:))  Our group is an international, everybody is from different country,
Greece, Uk, Turkey and its really nice to know people from different cultures, and is good for babies as well, they don't remain confine to one culture, and I feel its get easy for babies to mingle with everybody and they learn to share their things too.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Seven Months Development

Just can't believe that my lilttle boy is now seven months:) ahhhhhh the developments are now many, he has grown and getting in tune with us now. He sit and play and mostly he wants to sit and stand now, doesn't want to lie frequently:))) Well his tooth hasn't come yet and still not taking bottle. 
He has become more and more wiggly, keeps flapping his hands always, infact he keeps moving every part of his body and sometimes it becomes hard to hold him properly. He enjoys standing up and bouncing up and down while I hold him, makes me feel as if he is a big boy now.And yes his babbling has increased, whole day he keeps saying something. He imitates sometimes what we do in front of him.
Yeyeye my little barbie watch CBEEBIES every morning, we love watching him secretly when he laughs seeing cartoon:))))
his is something very amazing that when there comes a break in the news, he likes and loves watching that break and song in the advertisement( and only the news), he gets so involves that he forgets that he was doing somthing, like either eating, crying, playing, I dont know what he finds in it. He literally turns back to see this,and this is when he is not wiggling and becomes still to watch it:))))
The most relaxing thing unlike before, now if we put him in the cot when he is sleeping, he doesnt wake up, we dont have to do hard work to put him, ahhhhhh so relaxing:)))
There are so many deveopments, and it gives so much of joy seeing al those activites and new behaviour. It just gives tremendous happiness seeing your baby grow. Each moment is full of smiles and laghter when they do funny activity. I find these moments very precious.
Like always we did celebrate his seven months:))))

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lunch with post natal group..

                                                 they are just so innocent and amzing:)

What a lovely day!!!! 
All girls from post natal group meet every thursday either in Cafe of park, but this time one girl from the group, invited us all at her place for lunc. It was wonderful to be there and we all enjoyed the food too:) We meet and share daily activites and lo more with baby.Everybody sharing baby's moments,hehee. In a way its nice and we get to know and shar own baby's development and find out what stage its happening and more importantly, it good for babies too, they get time to mingle with different babies:) 
This group is international as all of us are from different countries:))

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Day Out

We had whole day out today. Today it was rhyme class and after that me and my friend H decided to meet at her place.She made a nice and tasty soup, it was yummyyyy and we had it with crispy crunchy garlic bread. Ohh my dear son was so restless that he wasn't sitting anywhere, wasn't playing he had his lunch and everything. She quickly finished her lunch and hold him till the time I was done. 
I got my front hair cut, my friend did it for me and she did it nicely, well shaped,though she was scared of cutting,  searched a lot in Youtube and finally we got the way we wanted. She did it exactly:)))) I liked it and after a long time I got different front haircut. Ahhhhh atleast something differen, was quite bored of the same style daily:))) During all this work, Ayush was in his pram and enjoying a Rhyme song which H put on for him on her mobile, so he was well behaved that time.
With my new haircut I went to Iran too,hehehhehe through the photos. She showed me so many photos that I felt as if I was there:))) We were sipping nice hottt kettle tea and enjoying those photos and my dear lil baby was seemed amused by her desktop, everytime he kept trying to press the keyboard:)))))))))) Suddely, Piyush called and then we realised its about to 6 and then after sometime we left. Thanks to my friend for the wonderful day. 
Me and Ayush popped in Tesco, bought Pamper for him and some more shopping:)))))

Monday, 11 May 2009

Pub Lunch

Had a great weekend!!!! A drive to a countryside and a pub lunch in an open area with a bright and sunny day, was just perfecr weekend. We went to Enfield borrough to the King & Tinker pub and the food was just absolutely tasty. Ayush slept through the drive, he wake up when we reached there, was busy playing with his toys and pram strap. I took him inside the pub and all of a sudden dark place with too many people inside, he was bit startled:))  But he always enjoys his outing.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

It was a nice start of weekend, whole day quite busy and in the evening today for the first time after Ayush was born, me and my husband went for a walk for 10 minutes;just the two of us. It was aunty who was home with Ayush:)))) 
We went out for the dinner, oh yes with Ayush,he enjoyed his evening seeing so many people and with loud music, it was a wonderful evening:) On the way back he slept, and till now he is sleeping otherwise he usually wakes up in an hour...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Out and about with my friend H

It was a wonderful outing with my friend H after a long time. We enjoyed our time, went to the library and borrowed some books and Ayush was well behaved, though he was bit restless for few minutes 'coz he was hungry, but then he was fine, playing with his play tray and toy:)
Huuuhhh its been long I have read any novels, not getting time at all, Ayush keeps me busy all the time and whenever I get some time on my own I just take rest:))) So yea, today I borrowed novels and some books for Ayush:)))))))) I'll try and find some time to read those.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lunch at friend's...

We had a great time in Woodford. Ayush enjoyed a lot, was busy playing with a little boy there:)) It was so nice to watch them together playing, touching each other:)))) They were just so friendly and comfy. He enjoyed his lunch and tasted a bit of idli, liked it..
Ayush was so tired by the end of the day that he slept at stretch 2 hours. And whene he is outside he is in own world, he sleeps on bus and tube(feels cosy as if somebody is rocking him). We all had a wonderful time :)) 

Friday, 1 May 2009

Mommy's joy

Baby milestones are a source of so much of joy and always wondering what would be the next phase and it all come as a surprise:) Ayush keep babling everytime nad all of a sudden,he said mummum, I was so overwhelmed by hearing this word. Its the most precious word ever:)))) From last couple of days, he just keep babbling mumum. Sometimes I feel its the matter of yesterday when we brought home from hospital and see now he has started calling me. He keeps talking on his own with his fingers moving and I peep from other corner and see what else he is doing. It just gives me immense pleasure watching him like this. I love my little barbie:)))))))))))))))))))