Monday, 18 May 2009

Seven Months Development

Just can't believe that my lilttle boy is now seven months:) ahhhhhh the developments are now many, he has grown and getting in tune with us now. He sit and play and mostly he wants to sit and stand now, doesn't want to lie frequently:))) Well his tooth hasn't come yet and still not taking bottle. 
He has become more and more wiggly, keeps flapping his hands always, infact he keeps moving every part of his body and sometimes it becomes hard to hold him properly. He enjoys standing up and bouncing up and down while I hold him, makes me feel as if he is a big boy now.And yes his babbling has increased, whole day he keeps saying something. He imitates sometimes what we do in front of him.
Yeyeye my little barbie watch CBEEBIES every morning, we love watching him secretly when he laughs seeing cartoon:))))
his is something very amazing that when there comes a break in the news, he likes and loves watching that break and song in the advertisement( and only the news), he gets so involves that he forgets that he was doing somthing, like either eating, crying, playing, I dont know what he finds in it. He literally turns back to see this,and this is when he is not wiggling and becomes still to watch it:))))
The most relaxing thing unlike before, now if we put him in the cot when he is sleeping, he doesnt wake up, we dont have to do hard work to put him, ahhhhhh so relaxing:)))
There are so many deveopments, and it gives so much of joy seeing al those activites and new behaviour. It just gives tremendous happiness seeing your baby grow. Each moment is full of smiles and laghter when they do funny activity. I find these moments very precious.
Like always we did celebrate his seven months:))))

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HaleH said...

7 months...?!!! I can not believe it...OMG soon it will be 7 years...utterly unbelievable...I hope that he and you all will be all safe and sound till next 7000 years!!!