Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Day Out

We had whole day out today. Today it was rhyme class and after that me and my friend H decided to meet at her place.She made a nice and tasty soup, it was yummyyyy and we had it with crispy crunchy garlic bread. Ohh my dear son was so restless that he wasn't sitting anywhere, wasn't playing he had his lunch and everything. She quickly finished her lunch and hold him till the time I was done. 
I got my front hair cut, my friend did it for me and she did it nicely, well shaped,though she was scared of cutting,  searched a lot in Youtube and finally we got the way we wanted. She did it exactly:)))) I liked it and after a long time I got different front haircut. Ahhhhh atleast something differen, was quite bored of the same style daily:))) During all this work, Ayush was in his pram and enjoying a Rhyme song which H put on for him on her mobile, so he was well behaved that time.
With my new haircut I went to Iran too,hehehhehe through the photos. She showed me so many photos that I felt as if I was there:))) We were sipping nice hottt kettle tea and enjoying those photos and my dear lil baby was seemed amused by her desktop, everytime he kept trying to press the keyboard:)))))))))) Suddely, Piyush called and then we realised its about to 6 and then after sometime we left. Thanks to my friend for the wonderful day. 
Me and Ayush popped in Tesco, bought Pamper for him and some more shopping:)))))

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HaleH said...

it was an absolutely lovely day...very enjoyable...Thank you for coming over my friend.:) <3