Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hottest day of the year

pub in Potters Bar

everybody busy talking , but my little boy posing for the photo
love this laughter

It was absolutely lovely and warm day, so we thought to enjoy this hottest day of the year and make the most of it; went for Pub Lunch in Potters Bar, place was wonderful with a small lake at the side of the pub and with ducks swimming around:)
Ayush enjoyed a lot, being fed chicken for the first time:)) We were having chicken chips, corn and salad, so he had litle bit of everything from mine and aunty's plate and yes he liked the juice as well, mango & apple and cranberry. 
Nowadays he plays a lot, keps jumping when somebody is holding him, flaps like a bird always; I like his flapping and at the same time he dribbles a lot.
After his meal and drinks, he played and had photo session, always ready for the pose, hehehehehe.
We had a nice time there.

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HaleH said...

Lovely Lovely Photos...It looks like a perfect week end...I am just catching up on your blog...It looks like that it's been ages since I've been here reading your posts...I love reading them always...keep it up my friend and always write...You will always have at least one loyal reader!!!