Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Arush is four months today

Its four months birthday of Arush. I made some gulab jamuns:)Cant believe he is four months now, feels like it was yesterday he was in my belly and today he is four.
He takes turns frequently now and take his legs out when he is in his cot:)he blabbles a lot and he is teething now badly, he takes all his fingers in and infact everything what comes to him. Babies grows quickly :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Arush's first turn sleep

Today Arush took his turn and slept, It was the first time he slept like that :) Soo glad to see his development. Now I think he is up and playing with his mobile toy hanging in his cot :) He is blabbling with the birds hanging :)

And yes with Arush its the first b'day of his papa :)

Mummy you are the best :)

Today Ayush said Mummy you are the best while eating the cake I baked for Piyush's b'day :) It feel so good and proud and yes feel very important:) I was overwhelmed :D Thanks to my lovely little boy :) Love you so much my darling!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

First valentine Day of Arush

Its the first Valentine Day of Arush :)Its first V-day of Ayush as well as a big brother :)Ayush has gone to the nursery and we will celebrate in the evening when he comes back. We have bought a lovely chocolate cake of heart shape :D and I know Ayush is going to cut the cake as he always excited to cut the cake. Then we'll have a nice dinner afterwards at home. As Arush is little and its quite cold so we are not going out anywhere for dinner. Its 5:00pm and Arush is sitting in his bouncer in front of me and am writing :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Arush's BCG-8th feb 2012

Ahhh so relief, I was so much in tension that Arush's BCG day is coming closer. All went well when the nurse did it so efficiently. He cried for few seconds and all done. When the nurse took the needle out, I asked its not done in panic mood and she said, its done. I was so so glad that gone BCG days.

I remember at Ayush's time, it took a while to go in and I was crying a lot. But thank god all done.

Now its the usual immunisation and Ayush is due his two injections too on 1 st march. Again bit worried for Ayush now.