Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tiring days

ahhhhhhhhhhhh days are very tiring around household chores. It is definitely hard to look after two kids alongwith all household work, though am actually loving it and enjoying them :) But when I dont get my sleep and bad bodyache, I really put my hands down and think how I am going to manage all these. Ayush and arush are so cute and loving childeren, they definitely support me and cooperate :) Ayush helps me in looking after Arush, he tries to amuse him with toys, making faces, dancing and it is so overwhelming to see them like this. Piyush works mostly from home so I get help from him too.
But sometimes it really get difficult for me to manage everything at one time, specially in this country where you dont have any help.After my delivery, my body ache is just increasing and increasing, my day finishes off by taking paracetamol.I really need nice massage.In few days we'll go to India and am sure I will get bit of help and have some relaxing time.But I know over the years when these two kids will grow up, we will be immensely happy and happy to see them and remembering these days :) I always pray to for good health for us and strength from God so that we live this life happily, free from all health problems :)

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