Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Arush's Annaprashan(Weaning)

We introduced solids today to Arusg for the first time and we did it ritually like Ayush:) He has been fed kheer and he liked it a lot. We have been busy since morning, I cooked 6 dishes and get both the kids ready and we all did puja :) Both borthers were wearing pink shirt :)) and were looking cuties. It was lovely day, after his Annaprashan, Ayush went to the nursery.
Its so relaxing for mum and baby both when they start eating:) I gaveArush porridge in the evening and he ate it with so interest, he had little bit of apple juice too :) All those baby foods back again in my shelf :D am loving it feeding two kids, though its tiring but this tiring has different joy in it :)

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