Monday, 19 January 2009

Christmas Lunch

Every festivals and ocassions are now with the baby and its full of enthusiasm. And everybody wants to make it special for baby. The first festival for Ayush was Dipawali and it was after 16 days of his birth. Then it was our Wedding Anniversary and this Anniv was veryyy special for us as we have Ayush, it was altogether different feeling and joy. It was first christmas for my son, we bought Santa Claus outfit and Santa Socks for Ayush and on 25th Dec morning we gifted him Santa Claus's gift (soft toy) in the socks and above all me and my husband took him out in his Santa dress for Christmas lunch at nanji's and aunty's. Aunty made us nice and tasty potato wedges, that was special and we had drinks, nicely done jeera chicken by nanaji and mutton and lots more. After lunch we all enjoyed watching movies, so had a great christmas this year. First Christmas lunch for Ayush. I must say because of nanaji and aunty, we never felt alone during my pregnancy period and yes she is the one who has seen all my ups and downs during this time. So it will always be memorable that Ayush's first christmas lunch was at hers.

As the days are rolling, we both are living and loving every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Payal,
Seems like you are both enjoying your baby immensely...and the baby looks like he is immensely enjoying being in your nanaji's lap!

You have your sleepless nights etc but Ayush seems to have brought you both great joy and love. You clearly love him to bits and dot on him.

Keep writing...its always fun to read about your experiences as new parents!

HaleH said...

Hi dear payal...I really enjoy reading your blog you know...Although we speak a few times a week or see each other every now and then,and although I knew all these stories ,it still feel different and really nice to read them.
Good luck my dear friend and keep writing...
Ayush looks really peaceful,he is one lucky boy to have you as his mother!!!
God bless you all...