Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Mum

Now the motherhood has started and life changes drastically after baby, lots of responsibilities, lots of work and all circulate around with baby. With a new mum, they settle down with this new life gradually, lots of things to do in running time. Time flies like anything and we run short of time.Every mum would like to do lots of things for their baby.

During pregnancy and after delivery, lots of changes takes place in your body, most importantly your hormone level goes up and down. My preganancy was very smooth and healthy but my delivery was tough, though had normal delivery, but I was fainted and had drip and my haemoglobin gone down sharply, so had two units of blood transfusion. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and after discharge when I came home , the next day my midwife examined that my stitches got opened, so immediately we rushed for the hospital, but from Antibiotics it got better and thank God at that time my mom was here so it was much of help. But yes I must say that I got full attention and good care in the Barnet Hospital, they discharged me only when I was fit to go home.
In this painful stage my husband was extremely supportive and he stood by me everytime giving all his love and care. He took care of every thing at home and in the hospital, lots of responsibilities, but he did with immense love and joy. The hospital has visiting hour from 8am - 8pm and I use to wait for him very eagerly every morning. My 5 days and night was totally sleepless and restless. During day time indeed I had great help from my husband, though he too has sleepless nights as he has to prepare and cook foods for me and lots of other works, so he has to finish off lots of work and in the morning he rush for the hospital. So had joyfully tough time for both of us.
"When we look at our baby, its worth":)
We welcomed our baby Ayush at home when I was discharged and first of all we bowed to the GOD(at home) ,at that time it was just two of us to welcome Ayush. We did miss our family.
Initial few days were really a sleepless nights but still you get different feeling and satisfaction that its all about baby, after all it takes nine months to make a baby, so altogether different joy.

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Anonymous said...

It is difficult to be Mum and I must say you are very strong and brave.