Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Moments with friends...

Everybody misses their good things happened in the past and wants to remember it.. I have some cherished moments with my friends who came to the hospital to meet me and to shower support when I was almost ready to go to the delivery suite. This friend of mine has really been a great help emotionally.

We first met in Oxfam Charity shop, where we were working and gradualy we got into friendship, we live in same area but somehow I haven't visited her place but we use to meet each other every now and then either at my place or outside,I was pregnant at that time and we use to go for a walk or for shopping, but I havent seen her place and the lovely co-incidence was that I first step in her flat with my baby and my mom. Its her love for baby which dragged us at hers. That was wonderful visit.

I would say am lucky enough to have friends like this who shares not only the goodie goodie moments but also crucial and critical moments as well.. Its our love and respect for each other. With friends like this is really priceless and a valuable gift in life. Everybody plays some role in life and very few leaves imprint which get engrossed.

These few precious moments in my precious time will always be memorable :)

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HaleH said...

Noway!!!oh my god,I didn't expect this to come at all...This is really kind and sweet...those are the simplest things one could do for their friends...It just feels right and good. :-)
Yeah that visit was very nice ;-) even with the baby crying non stop; but that's what friends are for.And you know there is a saying that I really believe in it: "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you know exactly what to do."
Well I am lucky too have you as my friend too,we have learned and experienced many different stages in this friendship although it is not that long...but I am really happy to meet you,and hope this one would be a friendship for life.Take care my dear.