Saturday, 24 January 2009

Mom's visit

I remember when my mom was here, she was much of help and now we miss her a lot. It was such a co-incidence the day I was discharged from the hospital, my Mom came from India same day.. and I was waiting for her eagerly..She came at 8pm and later in the night we shared so many things from pregnancy till delivery and lot more.. This was her first visit to London.

She was taking care of Ayush, me, giving me a good massage and looking after the kitchen as well and now I miss her a lot. We shared so many things of my childhood days and she said to me that I still can't believe that you are now a mother and "my baby has a baby now"..I showed her all my pregnancy and after delivery pics and videos and this brought tears in her eyes.. She praised me and my husband that we did very well during this period..

After a month we took her out to some places in London, we celebrated some of our ocassions as well and then our wedding anniversary, she made it veryy special for us by decorating in her style. So everything was very special:) She really liked and enjoyed being here a lot :) And time just flies, she left for India on 24th dec'08...It was veryyyy hard time for me that she is going back to India.. She calls daily alomst twice or thrice to hear Ayush's voice...


HaleH said... remind me of my mum and how I miss her...I can almost feel how it must have been hard for both you and your mum to be parted again...but at least she is happy and satisfied to have a grand child now!!!Not like my momma that still waits for me to decide!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I agree that support of family is very important during such time... You are lucky to have such support