Sunday, 7 June 2009

Feeling Low

It was lunch at my place(post natal group) and Ayush was so crankyand restless that day that I could hrdly sit with them.Everybody were in my lounge enjoying the chit chat and lunch and I was carrying Ayush in my bedrom, sometimes kitchen and later in late evening he started cring like anything:(( He got high temperature and diarrohea, cheeks got pink, we both were feeling so bad and low seeing him in this miserable condition:((( Calpol was also not working much and his fever was just creeping up. He was not leaving me even for a minute and we were much worried beacuse he was not eating and drinking anything just my milk.
This is the time when parents feel so helpless.. This is the first time, he has got high fever in this 8 months. I just hope it should go soon........

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