Monday, 16 February 2009

Yummy Persian food by my friend H

We spent Saturday evening at my friend's place with mouthwatering and incredibly delicious Persian food, it was my first time I had and was good experience.. We had soup, chicken curry, pulao, crunchy rice, salad, turkish pickle, cake... and nice kettle tea :)

Ohhh it took me more than half an hour to put Ayush to sleep unlike the other days..He kept staring the lights and all of a sudden started crying, but thank god he let us have our dinner and chat...We were chatting about Iran and Indian history. It was wonderful evening and it was valentine's day too, so altogether lovely time:)
Now I am going to try this recipe of chicken curry..I am loving it :)))

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Anonymous said...

that looks seriously yummy - you lucky thing tucking into all this! Do post the Persian Chicken curry recipe - I'd love to try it and write about it on my blog.

JPR []