Sunday, 22 February 2009

Its a Birthday!!

Its my husband's birthday and this is the special one as its his first birthday as a dad. Me and Ayush did lots of brthday shopping, spending the whole day and it was all surprise, just between momma and baby,hehehehe :))) I bought a card on Ayush's behalf for his dad. It took me few hours to decorate the room with lots of balloons and filling one ballon with chocolates. We celebrated on 21st night at sharp 12 by playing birthday song in a pin drop silence night time(Ayush and Piyush both were sleeping and at sharp 12 I played the birthday tune) ,blowing candles, cutting cake, bursting  balloons... I like being surprised and give surpises :)) I never miss any chance of celebration.

We went for lunch with nanaji and aunty to Mumbai Junction in Harrow and we had nice and delicious lunch and Ayush was very well behaved, he was in his dreamland till the time we finished:))He let us all to chat and enjoy...and he too had his lunch just after we finished:))) We had wonderful day altogether...

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JPR said...

What lovely pics! Seems like you all thoroughly enjoyed your husband's birthday. And you've put in a lot of effort to make it very special indeed...hehe..imagine staying up till midnight & then celebrating on the stroke of midnight. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.