Thursday, 26 February 2009

Packed days....

From now a days my usual busy days going to be more and more busy as I take Ayush to baby massage class on Monday in Torringhton Park, its fun both for mum and baby:) and getting to know the way of massage and different names of movements, reasons of why to do this, how to start and how to make it fun for babies. I am loving it:)) From there I got to know about Baby Rhyming Classes are conducted in libraries for an hour. So on tueday we went there and I was shocked to see so many mums with babies and the sapce was full, not a single place to step the foot in, But luckily I got a seat and we joined the rhyme class. We all were singing with gestures, feels as if back to our childhood... Ayush was enjoying seeing so many babies:)) He has got a pack of Book start,hmmmm see now he is a learned young man, heheheheh:)))

On tuesday me and my friend H decided to go to Brent Crross, so I thought after this class me and Ayush will go from there. My friend H joined us in the library and we went to Brent cross..Goshhhh we spent whole day there, shopping and roaming around, enjoying Mc Donald and got one Mc D balloon for Ayush :) Usually Ayush sleeps when he is out in the pram, but surprisingly enough he was awake whole day, hardly slept...We came back in the evening and we both were so tired, but it was wonderful time we spent with my friend H...

Next day again I took Ayush to Torringhton Park to weigh him and me and my friend H decided to meet again, haahahahaha(we don't miss chance if we both are free)...We spent the day in shopping in boots and from there we came back to home, enjoyed tea and again went to Tesco,hehehehe, did grocery shopping and came back..

Ahhh, wonderful time, though got tired but in that tiredness had an essence of enjoyment.

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JPR said...

Life can be such fun when you have good friends and it sounds like you and H are great friends and have great times together. And, no doubt, Baby Ayush will soon be making friends at his Rhyming Class!