Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Four Months Development

Today Ayush is four months and watching your baby's activities specially when he does for the first time, I find it most beautiful experience in life. The milestone of four months has been many.He has started pulling my hair and clothes and takes everything in his mouth. He grabs very strongly, sometims its hard to take it off from him and once forcely I pulled back my hair from him, two hairs came in my hand,hahahhaha :))))

What he does everytime is if he is lying, he takes sharp turn and turn around and because of this everytime we are worried that he might fall. Now its hard to leave him alone. Even when I hold himn, he just slips himself off from me all of a sudden.Now I've to hold him tightly.

He has started taking his thumb in and keeps chewing his fingers everytime, whatever he finds in front of him, he takes it in, even his cloth. I dont know, though its messy, but I find these moments with him very enjoyable and all his activties gives me immense pleasure:) Babies are adorable and are bundle of joy. I dont want to miss any of his activities even for a blink.

One day I was reading a magazine and Ayush was in my lap, he started patting on the paper and I gave him an old magazine, what he does surprised me coz it was for the first time he did, he took the paer in his mouth and torn it away. I dont know I felt so happy taht he has started tearing and from now onwards I have to keep these delicate things away from him. Usually I don't leave my house messy, but on that day, I left those torn papers there for few hours.

He enjoys music and specially loud music. So if we are busy , we put him in his bouncer and put the music on, he enjoys snd sometimes sleeps on his own; this melts me and Iwant to pick him up, but I just leave him there because in a way he is learning to sleep on his own. And now he understands that I am going to be picked up from the bouncer, when destrap him from his bouncer, he know very well..

He has learnt many things and is learning. He play on his own, talks on his ownlike geeeee, cooo, gooo, ayee and lots more. Sometimes if he doesn't like the toy or gets bored then starts kicking it away.Now he has changed totally, he is four months and I feel time is flying.

Today I had a small get together at my place and I made chicken curry, boiled vegtable and gulab jamun and my friend H baked cake for us, so on one hand we had get together and a celebration as well for his completion of four months AND in the evening me, Piyush ans Ayush enjoyed our dinner with drinks. I want to make the date 11th of every mont something different from the othe days. So had good celebration altogether.

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Anonymous said...

you sound like your are enjoying every moment of your baby's development. And how sweet! leave his paper mess around for a while instead of cleaning it away...clearly those torn pieces of paper mean so much to you that you want to enjoy them a little longer. i look forward to hearing more about these 11th day celebrations every month. keep writing.