Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tough time...

Ooooooo its tough to switch baby from mother's milk to formula milk... I am trying everyday to give formula milk to Ayush, but he is not really taking in the mouth, whenever I put the teat of the bottle in his mouth, he realise it soon its something different from what he takes daily.. Babies are very clever. One cannot cheat with them. Usually he takes everything in his mouth whatever comes his way, but I dont know, what he feels in the bottle, he push the teat out by his toungue. Struggling to make him use to, its fun though:))

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JPR said...

Lovely picture! You have really capture the baby's protest.

We can see the baby certainly prefers the more tastier mummy's milk instead of the formula..haha...babies are no fools, they know when they are onto a good thing!

keep writing & sharing.