Monday, 16 March 2009

Massage Class

Today it was last class of baby massage, we both enjoyed it. It was quite informative, got to many tricks and it really works & it works wonder; like earlier, before this class when I use to massage his tummy and chest, he always starts wiggling and gradually starts crying, but now he enjoys, lot many tricks are there and its quite interesting to know :)) Babies are so clever that you've to present yourself more cleverly...Even massage can be done musically, I mean start singing different rhyme and here in this class got to know about the toe and finger rhyme, its like:
This little toe went to London,
 This littlle toe stayed at home
 This little toe had a massage,
 This little toe doesn't want one,
 This little toe fell asleep.
This realy diverts baby  and they enjoy sooo much, we all use to sing this in the class and every babies  smiling and enjoying their massage...For me it was worth going for massage class...

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