Monday, 23 March 2009

Perfect Weekend

After  a long time we had a relaxing wekend, we went to one of our friend's in Colliers Wood, I felt so refreshed after spending day there,we stayed one night and came back on Sunday evening. That was absolute refreshing. We went to the Morden Park for picnic in a bright sunny and warm day, the park was huge and crowded. Ayush behaved well, he was sleeping till the time we had our lunch, (tea and snacks later) he got up just after we finished our eating, he was enjoying his outing in the park(other than Victoria Park). That was nice outing and weather suported till the end of the day, we all enjoyed tremendously. It was great and lovely weekend:))

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HaleH said...

Hi dear,
It's such a long time since I've read your Ayush is growing up very fast...It's really nice seeing your photos...and reading your blog feels like home...
I am in my cousin's house tonight and while she is trying to make her lil girl sleep,I am reading your blog and writing to you... :)
Miss you a lot and see you soon.