Thursday, 2 April 2009


Finally Ayush has started weaning, his Annaprashan was done on Thursday by Ram Nana.We worshipped first and offered the pdding to the God in silver plate, bowl, spoon and glass and then nanaji offered it to Ayush five times and he enjoyed very much dribbling everywhere in his cloth. He doesn't like formula milk but see he enjoyed pudding very much. I've started giving him fruits puree, mashed potatoes, he likes that but no formula milk :) Babies are ver clever and they are very intelligent, they can make out the difference in their food, like I give him water in his bottle, he sucks ver well, but if I give him Formula Milk in the same bottle, nooooooooooooooooo. But still I try giving him atleast once a day in a hope that one day my MISSION WILL BE POSSIBLE, hahahahahahahaha

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foodwiz4u said...

Good luck with the formula milk for little Ayush. So he enjoyed the home made pudding eh? Clearly this boy likes natural foods and not the artificial formula stuff..hehe.

Jokes aside, my friend said her two boys never had formula milk. She just gradually switched them to cow's milk and solids.

Lovely pic.