Saturday, 11 April 2009

Six Months Development

I just can't believe my boy is now six months and every month comes as a bundle of surprises and they open everyday with a wonderful and funny activities. Babies are amazing and you never know when and how they will startle you:) Ayush is learning to speak and babbles everytime in shrill voice, produce string of sounds and squeals with excitement by changing his tone of his babbling when he is delighted. It sounds so funny and makes us laugh:))) 

He doesn't want to lie down everytime, he is happy sitting(he sits for few seconds), standing(off course when we hold him), but these days its hard to hold him 'coz he he has started jumping and then we have to hold him tightly, sometimes he goes like upside down...huuhhhh its scary. He is so restless( like he was inside) and getting naughtier day by day. When I cook , I simply put him in his pram and he is busy playing with his toys. Everytime I've to keep an eye on him. 

I feel that by this stage babies gets excited about everything whatever they see or comes in their way and yes they develop emotions too. Ayush always look forward to grab everything and stuff in his mouth, be it his clothes or anything, he'll pat everything and then wants to grab it; getting super active by now:))) 
PPhewww!!!!!!!! what else too many things. This all just give extreme happiness:) So many activites has developed in Ayush that I feel he is a big boy now. One day me and Piyush was shocked to see Ayush showing his anger, I was putting him the cot and he was literally showing me his anger; he'll go stamping his legs, aaahhhhhhhhhh we were s startled to see him like this. but liked that though, hehehehe. We are wondering what and how he'll surprise us coming days:)) He is my cutie, I call him Barbie, sometimes Catty, must be wondering why Catty, its because when he cries he cries like a cat, meaw :)))))))))))))))))))))

As always we celebrated this month as well with nanaji and aunty in Chenanai Dosa. Every 11th we celebrate as every month is new for Ayush till one year.

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