Wednesday, 12 October 2011

11th october-Ayush is three :)

Ayush is three years :) feels so proud to be mum :) He now acts and behaves like a big boy now, it makes me wonderfully surprised sometimes. We could not throw a big party but he had a lovely celebration at his nursery and home. His nani created the birthday environment with lovely decoration of room with balloons, banners, gift and yum yum foods and his papa bought his favourite gifts and cake for him. He was so happy seeing all these and this made me soo happy :)

I had doctor appointment on this day and doctor started the procedure of induction as well. Next week, she has called me again and will give the date of delivery before 22nd october. I was missing Ayush a lot but was happy that he was not with me in the hospital, mummy was taking care of him, so I was relaxed :)

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