Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Back again....

Back to writing, its been long couldn't sign in and write the next post. Days were just soo busy and doing so many things in short time..phewwww!!!!!
Ayush is 26months now and in these span of time, so many changes and development, I have seen my kid growing and giving my full time to him leaving behind everything. Yes sometimes I did feel to go back to my career and sending Ayush to nursery but me and Piyush both decided to give my full time to him and time is just flying, he is now 2 years.
There is so much to write :) These days, sometimes he calls me PAYA and to his Dad DODO :D feels nice to hear this, I like it when he calls me PAYAL :)
He is going to the club and loves being in the swimming pool, when he first stepped in the pool, he was kind of hesitant, but gradually he is loving it, infact he doesnt want to come out of it and mostly he enjoys being with his dad in the pool :D boyish nature :D More importantly, he has stopped pushing other kids and babies when he is in the play area of the club and actually plays with them. I take him to the park and stay and now he holds my finger and we both walked down to the park and he looks contented and blissful.

Today he is ill and this is the first time he has chicken pox, its 6 days today.He is sleeping at the moment and have got bit of time. For three days he was so much in pain, was very clingy and crying and irritating, wasn't leaving me for a single moment. We both felt soo bad looking at him in such pain. With babies and kids, its hard to make them understand whats happening and what not to do, but whenever we have stopped him from itching, he removes his hand but starts crying. Specially in the night , his temperature just creeps up like anything and that made us weak sometimes. Buut my baby is strong enough to fight from all these, touch wood :) Today he looks much much better, his spots has started drying up but yes it still itchy. We both breathed a sigh of relief seeing his recovery.Aww he is up now and now I have to stop here, so thats it for today :D

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